Peaceful Gardens specializes in beautiful, sustainable, and low maintenance landscapes.  By incorporating Edible and Native plants, as well as low maintenance and drought tolerant ornamentals, I am able to design gardens with more than just an aesthetic quality.  Each garden becomes a beautiful ecosystem that is unique to each home.

Plants are carefully chosen to have seasonal interest, long blooming durations, and edible qualities.   I will also incorporate plants to provide habitat for natural pollinators and beneficial insects, as well as help to support our urban wildlife with food, shelter and nesting materials.

I work closely with each client to create a landscape that best suits their needs and personality.  Whether you are an avid vegetable gardener, a naturalist, or someone who would just like to lay back and enjoy the beauty of their landscape, I will help you make your garden dreams come true.

Designing Beautiful Landscapes for Healthy Humans and Habitat

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